Here are a few projects in production that we are working on

Long term projects in our production

Short Film: A Case Of Missing Identity 2019

A short film created for promotional purposes showing a story of a case being solved by the great detective Sherlock Holmes.

Short Film Trailer

Cast: Ratko Stojiljković, Alan Mikulan, Tea Rejc, Nastja Ugrin, Vital Butinar, Tilen & Matic Marinšek.

Shooting location: Mansion Guntenbuchel.

More information coming soon.

Photos courtesy of Alan Mikulan, Klemen Čotar, Jernej Mazej.

Directed by: Vital Butinar.
Produced by: Vital Butinar, Leya Marinčič, Iza Kokoravec.
Written by: Iza Kokoravec.

Music video: My Worst Enemy – Captain Morgan’s Revenge 2019

This music video has been completed and has premiered.
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Feature film: Lost In The Waves 2018

A feature film based on a true story showing one men’s struggle for three days with the elements of nature as he get’s swept out to the open sea after an accident while surfing only to survive and tell the story about it.

Written by: Vital Butinar,
Story by: Vital Butinar,
Directed by: Vital Butinar. 

Short film: Strings 2018

A short film portraying three overlapping stories of people with different life styles.
Two artists struggling to make a living and a rich music producer full of money and how their lives are intertwined and the events that lead to their happiness in life.

Written by: Vital Butinar & Leya Marinčič,
Produced by: Vital Butinar & Leya Marinčič
Story by: Vital Butinar & Leya Marinčič
Directed by: Vital Butinar 

Short film: Moments in Between 2017

A short film in contrast to all other films showing the miles stone moments in a persons life but in staid it shows what happens a persons life between the mile stones.
In a nutshell the part of a characters life that makes them who they are but is never shown on the big screen.

Written by: Vital Butinar & Leya Marinčič,
Produced by: Vital Butinar & Leya Marinčič,
Story by: Miha Hajdu, Vital Butinar & Leya Marinčič,
Directed by: Vital Butinar.

Feature film: The Digits 2017

Working title: THE DIGITS – The Secret Is In The Numbers

A science fiction thriller about an acknowledged scientist, a statistician that begins to lose his mind because he starts believing that reality is not what it seems to be and as he sets off on a journey to discover the truth, his life gets more and more complicated when he discovers that he just might be right. The coincidences that happen to all of us some of the time just might be an indication that reality might not be random but an artificial construct. On the other hand the main character could just be going crazy and writing his journals as part of his therapy or is he? Our reality just might be a program running on a computer like a simulation and there is no way you could know about it or maybe the story provides a clue whether anything is real or not.

Our team is currently looking for partners in order to begin extensive production on this project.
If you are interested in helping out or have any information that may benefit with any aspect of production please email the production team at or

Written by: Vital Butinar,
Story by: Vital Butinar & Leya Marinčič.