Vital Butinar

Filmmaker, director, producer, writer and co-founder at Mirror 2 Mirror Production
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Vital‘s ardor for filmmaking traces back to his early encounters with a video camera, a spirited endeavor that first took flight among friends as they embarked on creating their initial short movies. Hindered by the scarcity of editing equipment and a collective lack of expertise, his cinematic aspirations were momentarily deferred.

After years of the forgotten passion for filmmaking, stepping onto a sound stage a realization crystallized within Vital, his true calling lay in the realm of directing, screenwriting and producing. A relentless pursuit of knowledge ensued, marking the genesis of a transformative journey into the world of filmmaking. As dance videos and short film clips began to materialize, a symbiotic partnership with his partner Leya took root, culminating in the genesis of their own film production company called Mirror 2 Mirror Production.

Vital‘s multifaceted background serves as a reservoir of invaluable assets, each facet meticulously cultivated over the years. From a deep-seated passion for photography, honed during his university years, to his prowess in diverse dance genres like salsa, bachata, kizomba, and other ballroom dances, his journey has been a testament to unyielding dedication and tireless pursuit of skills and knowledge.

His tenacity for precision and ingenuity, demonstrated through rigorous training and competition, converged with exceptional interpersonal skills cultivated through teaching and choreographing dance routines. These experiences bestowed him with a profound understanding of organizational dynamics, effective communication and the nuances of creative expression.

Harnessing this rich tapestry of experiences, Vital has emerged as a versatile force, capable of orchestrating exceptional video content across a spectrum of genres. His innate ability to surmount challenges with inventive simplicity, fortified by the collective strength of his exceptional team, reflects a steadfast commitment to excellence, underscoring his prowess not solely in filmmaking, but in every facet of his creative odyssey.

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Leya Marinčič

Director of photography, producer and co-founder at Mirror 2 Mirror Production
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Early on Leya realized that she was a very creative person. In fact most of her interests lied in creative fields like drawing, sketching and recently she even became a very talented sculpture artist with her own exhibitions. She always found the movie business fun and entreating and eventually found her own route as a makeup artist working on many different projects. But as time progressed she also got interested in dancing which lead to her finally gathering the courage to step in front of an audience and camera.
Since esthetics and creativity come as second nature, when she took up photography even without first knowing the technical aspects she was a natural at it and it comes to no surprise, for also being able to capture stunning video images as well.
While she shared the passion for dance with her partner Vital, they also shared a desire for cinematography. So together they decided to create a dance video to learn as much as they could about film-making because they both had a deep yearning for making movies. From there on they just started working and Leya found herself in the role of a creative director and because of her tendency to see a great image also in the role of a director of photography.

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Iza Kokoravc

Producer, screenwriter, production designer and music composer at Mirror 2 Mirror Production

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She first began helping out on a project when Vital and Leya needed help with a larger crew in a hurry and since she had always liked being part of a creative team she soon became a valuable member of the team. Not only with helping out with producing cinematic content but also as a talented musician composing musical inserts for all different kind of productions but also recently as a talented screenwriter, production designer and producer.

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