Mirror 2 Mirror Production is a group that is dedicated to producing cinematic content.
It was started by Vital Butinar and Leya Marinčič because they both shared a passion for movie making from an early age and both thought it would be fun to teach themselves more about movie making.
Soon after their initial video a few people got interested in making their own dance videos and so the adventure started.
Not long after that Vital and Leya enlisted help from some of their closest friends and soon the idea that was in fact present from the beginning got its place. The idea was to make a movie, so they started searching for people to collaborate with and see where the movie making path will take them.

Projects that we are interested in making are:
– dance videos of all kinds
– music videos for different kind of genres of music
– featured films
– short films
– documentary films
– promotional videos
– commercials

Services we are able to provide:
– motion graphics
– video and audio editing
– VFX compositing
– production organization
– dancing and other kind of motion choreography and logistics for film production
– screenwriting
– story development
– video camera capturin
– photography
– graphic design
– stage, film and onscreen makeup and special effects makeup
– costume design
– lighting design

and more…

If you are interested in working with us or want to know more please contact us.