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At Mirror 2 Mirror Production, we create narratives that resonate. With expertise in high-end cinematic storytelling, we bring life into stories.
Every frame, from concept to the final edit, mirrors essence, transforming vision into an unforgettable cinematic journey.
With a proven track record, we collaborate to produce impactful visual content, with a deep connection to cinema and captivating storytelling.

A few of our other documentary projects:

Documentary Film: Sculptural portrait of Pope Francis by Mik Simcic

A short documentary film about how the sculptor Mik Simcic created a Sculptural portrait of Pope Francis.

This project is also listed on IMDB.

Directed by: Vital Butinar,
Produced by: Leya Marinčič, Vital Butinar,
Edited by: Leya Marinčič.

Documentary Film: The Birth Of Venus – A New Era

The Birth Of Venus is a short documentary film in which, we explore a stunning marble sculpture titled “A New Era,” created by sculptor Mik Simcic. The sculpture is a contemporary representation of Botticelli’s Venus, a symbol of spiritual voyagers, brought through half a century. This partly realistic sculpture of a young woman in natural size, with a polished surface, stands on her left foot, while her right foot appears to be in the midst of a movement, as if it wishes to step forward into a new, awakened world where ethics and aesthetics are valuable once again. Her intricately tangled hair wraps around her naked body, merging with a sea wave from which she is said to have emerged. “A New Era” signifies a new awakening and the beginning of a new era, anticipating and announcing the rise of a human being harboring higher values. Join us as we explore the beauty and symbolism of this incredible sculpture and its message for our world today.

This project is also listed on IMDB.

Directed & written by: Vital Butinar,
Director of photography: Leya Marinčič,
Producer: Tea Rejc.

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