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Short Film: Innocent Love

A short called Innocent Love that began production in the summer of 2020 and finally finished in February 2021, that was originally intended to be a proof of concept pilote episode for a TV show called Forgotten Wisdom.

It has currently been entered in several film festivals and we are trying to pitch to a network or streaming service.

You can read more about it on FilmFreeway.

If you are interested in viewing this project please contact us and we will arrange a privet viewing at

A trailer for the short film Innocent Love

You can read more about how we shot the short film.

A few screenshots from the project

Developed by: Iza Kokoravec, Vital Butinar, Leya Marinčič, Sandi Černoša,
Staring: Rok Mioč, Klara Povše, Majda Cirman, Alan Mikulan, Tea Rejc,
Producers: Iza Kokoravec, Vital Butinar, Leya Marinčič, Sandi Černoša,
Director: Vital Butinar,
Director of Photography: Leya Marinčič,
Assistant Director & Production Designer: Iza Kokoravec,
Costume Design: Slavica Štrukelj Kokoravec,

Production Assistants: David Glavič, Aljaž Povh,
Makeup Artist: Katja Žibert.