XSKULL8 new music video for the song called Leaves Are Falling.

Fun facts:
The in-camera aesthetic draws inspiration from director Tony Scott’s feature films “Unstoppable” (2010) and “Deja Vu” (2006).
A distinctive approach was employed: shooting the footage not at the standard 24 frames per second but at a unique 12 frames per second, with subsequent projection at 24 fps by duplicating every other frame. Simultaneously, a higher shutter angle of 360° was utilized to enhance the motion blur, contributing to a more pronounced visual effect.
To further elevate the visual atmosphere, the in-camera process incorporated extensive backlighting and intentional lens flares. These elements were strategically employed to deepen the eerie quality of the overall look, complemented by a high-contrast color grade.

Directed by: Vital Butinar,
Director of photography: Leya Marinčič.

This project is also listed on IMDB.

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