Here are a few projects in production that we are working on

Short term projects in production

Long term projects in our production

Feature Film: The Digits

Working title: THE DIGITS – The Secret Is In The Numbers

The Digits is a psychological thriller that will make you doubt your own sanity, because you may never really know what is real. Is it worth not knowing?

Have you ever wanted to call someone only to have them call you first?

Have you noticed that sometimes when you look at your watch it’s always the same time?

Have you ever ran into someone you were trying to avoid but had the feeling that it was unavoidable?

Have you ever wondered why random things don’t seem random?

Maybe the secret lays in the numbers.

In a world of infinite possibilities can you afford not knowing the truth?

A film that could answer all your questions.

Concept poster: 

Our team is currently looking for partners in order to begin extensive production on this project.
If you are interested in helping out or have any information that may benefit with any aspect of production please email the production team at or

Or you can read more about the project here and follow the project on IMDB.

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The new promo video:

Take a look at some of the storyboards

Storyboards by Leya Marinčič.

Written by: Vital Butinar & Dan Guardino,
Story by: Vital Butinar, Iza Kokoravec & Leya Marinčič.
Director: Vital Butinar 

Feature Film: Problems Until The End

A Slovenian feature film comedy in the beginning stages of development.

More information coming soon.

Written by: Vital Butinar,
Story by: Vital Butinar,
Director: Vital Butinar.

Feature Film: Lost In The Waves 2018

A feature film based on a true story showing one men’s struggle for three days with the elements of nature as he get’s swept out to the open sea after an accident while surfing only to survive and tell the story about it and how his friend who was able to save himself lived trough the rescue of his friend.

Or you can read more about the project here.

Written by: Vital Butinar,
Story by: Vital Butinar,
Director: Vital Butinar. 

Short Film: Strings

A short film portraying three overlapping stories of people with different life styles.
Two artists struggling to make a living and a rich music producer full of money and how their lives are intertwined and the events that lead to their happiness in life.

Written by: Vital Butinar & Leya Marinčič,
Produced by: Vital Butinar & Leya Marinčič
Story by: Vital Butinar & Leya Marinčič
Director: Vital Butinar