The Ultimatum is a short film created for an online short film competition, that was written by a friend (Michael) and filmed in one night, performed by the director (Vital), the DP (Leya) and their cat called Misty.

Everyone, especially Misty had such a fun time shooting this short film because of all the treats involved.

Fun facts:
The most intriguing aspect of filming this project was our success in getting Misty to comply with all our requests. Despite undergoing medical observation for an extensive period due to a severe illness that took over three months to treat, Misty, being a well-behaved cat, willingly followed our directions, motivated by playtime and treats.
One amusing incident occurred during the shoot at a beach by the river, where Vital and Leya were capturing the litter box scene one evening. A passerby, a woman with two children, approached the scene but promptly turned around and left, leaving us to wonder what she might have thought was being filmed.

This project is also listed on IMDB.

Directed by: Vital Butinar,
Written by: Michael William Hogan,
Director of photography: Leya Kokoravec.