InteGr8 is a short film satire about a guy who breaks his phone, he buys a new one that turns out to be a pill that connects him to a virtual reality world, causing hilarious mishaps and misunderstandings with his girlfriend.

Fun facts:
The concept’s origin is rather interesting. It all began when Vital playfully teased Leya about how advanced her new phone was compared to the old one. Jokingly, he speculated that in 7 or 8 years, when it was time for an upgrade again, phones might be integrated into people. The conversation took a humorous turn as he joked about the implications in the age of social media. Leya then suggested that this quirky idea should be turned into a movie. The next day a screenplay was written, followed by the filming of the entire short film in just a few hours.

This project is also listed on IMDB.

Directed & written by: Vital Butinar,
Director of photography: Leya Marinčič.