Žiga Ašič

Assistant director and production manager at Mirror 2 Mirror Production

He first came into contact with film-making acting as an extra in a few commercials, but soon started helping out with Vital and Leya‘s projects. Because of his exceptional people management skills and tenacity for detail soon became an indispensable member of the team.

Slavica Štrukelj Kokoravec

Wardrobe, costume design and stylist at Mirror 2 Mirror Production

With her many years of experience and knowledge in the field of wardrobe design Slavica Štrukelj Kokoravec is not just a seamstress and stylist who was one of the main stylist in a few mayor retail stores like Nama and Maximarket but she is also a fashion designer and stylist who s able to help our client from the initial idea till the realization within the project.

Because of her vast knowledge she also taught at the Slovenian School of Fashion and Photography and also made costumes for the Slovenian Opera and Ballet. She was also one of the first who produced carnival costumes at that time. Among other things Slavica is also an accomplished artist by heart who has been a painter of energy-healing paintings for years. She has diploma on the theses called The Power of Color and using her strokes is what adds the energetic quality to her paintings and her vast knowledge as an artist and as a graduated bio-therapist serve as assets to all of this. Slavica is also a passionate dance at heart and with this and all her other knowledge and experience gives her the ability to find creative solutions and makes her a valuable member of any team.

Miha Hajdu

Gaffer and location manager at Mirror 2 Mirror Production

He first joined the team with helping out Vital and Leya with equipment and other stuff but soon developed a passion for film making and wanted to be more involved in the process. Being a musician himself Miha brings with keen eye to any production where music and performing is involved.

Katarina Celarc

Production manager and line producer at Mirror 2 Mirror Production

Being very knowledgeable in finances and interested in film-making with great managerial skills she was a natural for the position of production manager and line producer at Mirror 2 Mirror Production.
Since joining the team her organizational and financial skills have been invaluable on many projects.

Nastja Ugrin

Still photographer at Mirror 2 Mirror Production

With a great passion for photography and film Nastja came on board the team in 2019 on a music video project creating stunning images for project posters and thumbnails.

Borut Perme

Chief marketing officer and lighting technician at Mirror 2 Mirror Production

Borut has been a photographer for years and being very enthusiastic about film-making this makes him a natural for the position of chief marketing officer and lighting technician.

Tilen Suhadolnik

Grip & boom operator at Mirror 2 Mirror Production

Tilen had a desire to work in film for a long time and when he learned that the Mirror 2 Mirror Production team was doing a music video he wanted to help in anyway possible.

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